The Pieta and Parenting –

So what does this parenting journey look like?  At times it can be the most satisfying experience…. or the most discouraging.

I think of the sculpture that I’ve walked past on Worth Avenue so many times on the way to work.. A full size replica of “The Pieta.”  The famous Michaelangelo depiction of Mary holding Jesus after he was crucified and died. Her head is bowed in sorrow holding her son draped across her lap; obviously drained of life.

I have walked by that sculpture many times..

But last week as I strolled past, I was struck, as if by a dart, with a pain for Mary’s mother ‘s heart and how intensely difficult and painful it must have been to give up her son to the Lord and trust the One who called her to be Jesus’ mother.

When God’s call brought Jesus such immense pain.

At that moment, it hit me:

“If Mary can do it, surely I can too.”                         Give her son to the Lord….

I took a picture of the Pieta the next day and put it on my phone’s screensaver.  It’s hardly a pleasant sight when I pick up my phone and immediately see that picture – but a necessary reminder in this season that “I can do this.”  Trust God with my children.

They’re God’s children. Not really mine. Nor was Jesus ever really Mary’s- she was blessed to be a vessel.

… May I keep perspective. May I continue to fast, pray, petition, and cry out on behalf of my children.

But I know myself. I know that without clinging to God I will start doing CPR. Trying to resusitate them with “my” breath. Instead of being  patient and allowing the Breath of Life to fill them..

Because I know God, there is no doubt that God will draw my sons into Truth.

Today I choose to trust. Even when my emotions fight me. I will trust in the One who is trustworthy. The One whose plans and strategies are perfect and fruitful forever.  Amen.



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