It’s not how much talent you have…

As I sat in church  watching a young man named Kyle my mind couldn’t help but wander.  I thought of a book I read years ago.  Billy Sunday’s biography.  I don’t know what happened to that book, and I’ve looked for it for years – probably I loved it so much I passed it on to a friend…

What impacted me so much in this book was the lack of talent that Billy Sunday had.  He played professional baseball in the late 1800’s.  Yes, obviously, he had some talent. His strength was in his speed.  He was a champion sprinter.  He was very poor at hitting the baseball, but if he could get on base, he was likely to steal bases and progress the game like no other player could.

Billy’s father died when he was an infant, and his grandfather played an important role in his life.  The reason Billy’s life impacted me so much is not because he went on to leave professional baseball at the height of his career to be a great evangelist but his drive.  In his formidable years his grandfather told him, “Billy, it’s not how much talent you have, but what you do with the talent you have.”  One year, between baseball seasons, Billy grew determined to figure out and master the art of hitting the baseball, instead of relying on “walks” to get him to base.  He did it!He became a great batter… and he became a legend.

That’s why Kyle ministers to me in such a great way.  He is a reminder to me that it merely takes some talent to develop greatness.  Kyle is a fantastic, gifted singer, songwriter and musician.  But when he started singing (to a congregation of 500+) a few years ago, his voice would crack and he’d miss a note here and there.  I don’t know what Kyle thought of his abilities at that time, but I do know he has had a drive and ambition and a heck of a lot of courage to continue on to be the amazing singer, songwriter and musician he is today.  It wasn’t how much talent he had a few years ago, it was that he developed the talent he had!

We too have talents.  We too have dreams.  What are our possibilities???


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