Time – A Great Witness

Time – A Great Witness

Time.  Often in lives we are quite sure of the decisions we make.  Sometimes we may have a deep “knowing” or “leading” that gives us a peace that what we are doing is right.  Or maybe we have information that others just can’t see.

 When those around us question our decisions and paths that we’ve chosen, there’s often a wrestling inside of us that seeks to convince them  that we are “right”.  Sometimes we hold a court hearing arguing our point – wishing they would listen. Sometimes verbal, sometimes silent.

 Time is a very strong witness.

 It seems that we look back on our lives, or back through the years, we see things more clearly than when we are in the heat of the moment.  The pressure’s off.  The picture is broader.  The outcome is easier to understand.

         When we follow God’s leading, time will be our best witness..

 Stand firm, trust and love “them” through the time that it takes for the Lord to vindicate.

And when we miss the mark, and our decisions are wrong, the path we chose is not what we should have… time will show us that too~!

 Thank God we have a God who meets us where we are….




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