For Today

(A continuation of  “Prayers”.. Praying for our children)

Lord Jesus,

We thank you that you are a personal God, one that cares about every little thing that concerns us.  Today as I think of ________, I know that there is no way to know what he/she is going through. Only you know the thoughts and trials that are running through his/her head or that he/she is facing today.

Lord, your word says that where we are weak, You give us strength.  Please Lord Jesus, give our child strength to overcome the trials, temptations and thoughts that might bombard him/her subtly or overtly.  Lord, give ______courage to stand up for what is right and courage to overcome those things that seem a bit to difficult.  Encourage ______ by Your Holy Spirit today Lord.

And we pray that godless people would be undesirable to them today.  That he/she would cling to godly people.  Bring godly friends into their lives and give them eyes to see and desire relationships with them.

Thank you that our children are never alone.  You are good.  You are personal, You are everpresent and caring…. We are blessed!

We pray all these things in Your Name – that you might be glorified,



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