I’d like to start a series of prayers that we can pray for our children.  I have seen at this stage in our children’s live (when they are on their own) it’s necessary to give them growing room.  But as parents we want so badly to be a part of their lives.  Let’s face it – it’s not likely to happen to the degree that we would want it!

But – who of us haven’t heard of the power of a praying mom???

“It was her/his mother’s prayers…..” Not to say that this is entirely true… but each time I hear it – I’m encouraged to rev up my praying for my children.

Will you join me?  Send me your topics and concerns and we will bring them to the Lord together… we all/they all need the same basic prayers but it’s good to have a community behind us!



  1. Today I’m praying for those who spend time around my children and influence them. That my kids may know truth, love, kindness, mercy and discernment.

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