Prayer for Influences

    (A continuation of  “Prayers”.. Praying for our children)


Hello Lord,

Thank you for this day and the privilege of being a parent.  It is an enormous blessing. A blessing that comes with unimaginable joy and pain.

As our children walk through this life there are so many influences in their  lives.  We bring them before you Lord and ask that their eyes would be wide open today.  Give them your vision for the people they encounter.  They need your discernment – knowing right from wrong.  They need your wisdom to know how to handle situations that arise.. those that may tempt them to do wrong and those that may hurt them and make them feel inadequate.  Lord, they also need wisdom and discernement to handle good relationships.  To balance friendships – not leaning too much on those around them when they can do things themselves or lean on You.

Lord we pray that You would bring good friends and Christians into our children’s lives today.  Bless them with lifelong friendships that encourage them towards a stronger relationship with You.  And also, friends that they enjoy and build one another up.

There are always going to be people in their lives that we would like You to remove.  Lord, we pray for those people – that you would bring them to salvation, OR remove them from our children’s lives OR give our children courage to stand up for what is right and wrong.

Help our children to hear Your counsel through the Holy Spirit telling them Truth – when other’s are telling them lies.  Whether it be cutting them down, making them feel inadequate or tempting them.  May our children become warriors who stand on the Truth of what You say about them and then respond in Love.  Love that transends our understanding.  Love that loves the unloveable.  As my mother-in-law says, “Its easy to be nice to someone who is nice” – give our children Your strength and love to love those who are not so nice and need You.  Help them to see that these people need You desperately.  Give them hearts to pray for them.

And Lord Jesus please give us as parents, wisdom in handling difficult people in our children’s lives. How to counsel them.  Praying together with them for the offenders.  A heart of mercy.  And may we reflect Christ to our children when they stand beside us and see us handle the difficult people in our lives.

It’s an amazing privilege.. this calling you have given us. One we can’t do alone.  Thank you that You have not left us to ourselves. May we lean on you today and every day – lean hard on You!

Bless you Lord; in Your Name we pray, Amen.


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