Prayer for LISTENING

Lord Jesus,

I’ve been thinking about my son/daughter today.  There are so many things I want to teach him/her.  But Lord, he/she doesn’t tend to listen to me.  Lord, I pray that he/she would hear Your voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it” and that You would give him/her ears to hear You.

Lord, please give __________ Your self-control and Your discipline in his/her dealings with life.  We get so bent out of shape over bedrooms not tidy and other things that seem so trivial.  But Lord, I think You know it’s because those trivial things, like messy bedrooms, are habits and burdens that hold them back from so much……  So much, that You want for them.

They were created for excellence – I pray that You would give them a vision for that.  That _________ is created for a purpose so far beyond his/her imagination.  One that fulfills so much more than any earthly pleasure.  Lord break those strongholds that would want to hold back ___________ (whether they be constructed by the enemy or his/her own fleshly weaknesses) and please erect godly strongholds in his/her life that are so strong they undermine and destroy even the remembrance of those things _________ struggles with today.

Would you perk his/her ears to hear you today? Will you speak a little louder?  Will you give ___________ the desire to listen and obey?

Lord, You are able.  To handle all that we give You for today. You are a personal God and we thank You that You are intimately interested in our children – even more than we.  You are an amazing God and we thank You! In Jesus Name – for Your glory Lord, Amen.

(A continuation of  “Prayers”.. Praying for our children)


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