Gifts and Talents

We all have them…

Gifts and talents.

We know in our heart of hearts that we do. We know what they are. Regardless of the comments we may hchives iced. Maybe a teacher or a parent discouraged us along the way. Maybe a bad grade on a paper. Or the loss of a contest.

Using our gifts and talents are one of the most fulfilling things we do in our lives.

Maybe you’re an artist or a writer.  Maybe you have a gift of designing a room or table.  Maybe your talent is making conversation easily, or encouraging someone.

Don’t discount these unconventional talents!  Often the intangible are more impactful than the tangible. I’ve often joked that I only have one talent -designing flower arrangements.. Because I can’t decorate worth a hoot. But that isn’t true. I love encouraging others. I love writing.

Although we/I may have room to grow, we still have the areas that we know God has gifted us. And it just feels soooo RIGHT to use them.

But think about it…aren’t we all filled with gifts/talents that we share daily that make ours and other’s lives so much more fulfilling?

Take some time to identify yours...

I’d love to hear your discoveries. And how you enjoy using your talents!


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