Summer Memories

Summer.  A season that inspires memories! The weather is hot, school is out, the kids are around.

Thinking of summer brings me back to my childhood.  Opening the pool… the first swim..

Do you remember hearing the music from the ice cream truck in the neighborhood and running inside to see if mom will give you money?!  And the thrill of choosing from the wide variety, peeling back the paper wrapping and enjoying the cool, sweet taste of that special treat!

How about… Ripe watermelon…(salting my piece – why did we do that?!) and watermelon dripping down our cheeks and chins – and the watermelon seed spitting contests!

Take some time to make traditions.  One of my favorite summertime memories that I carried on with my children was making homemade popsicles.  Remember the tupperware popsicles that we used to  fill with Koolaid? That we had to slide oh, so, carefully out of the sleeve to keep in one piece?! It was always delicious and exciting if we didn’t break the mold!

Keep your traditions simple (and do-able!):

  • Sit outside and watch the summer stars (a great time to talk)
  • Swim with your kids – at night it’s even more special (and the water’s warm too!)
  • Make popsicles or jello
  • Set up a badminton net (sounds silly but sooooo much fun!)
  • Play a card game
  • Have a weekly Family Night

Have fun with it! It’s a wonderful inspiring time.

Those simple traditions inspire memories and bond the family.

How about kickball????! Until it was too dark to play! We had the best time!

We’d love to hear your summertime activities (old or new)!

Would you share some traditions you remember from your childhood?  Those that you think of when you think of summer?


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