Monday Morning

Good Morning Lord,

It’s Monday morning.  And I’m tired.  Starting out the week tired.  Not a good idea….

Lord, this week, this work week, this week of parenting holds in it more than I can know. But You know.  Thank you for being a God that Knows! That is intimately interested in all we are involved in.  I think of the Garden and how you walked and talked with Adam and Eve and it reminds me that you will walk and talk with us if we just “tune in”.  Help us to focus on your presence and help our children to also.  We all need to know how much you care.

Lord, as we approach this new week – thank you! For all that you are in our lives and all that you have blessed us with.  Give us and our children thankful hearts.  Give us a desire to walk with you and talk with you.  May we all be your friend as well as receive your friendship.

Open our eyes this week, Lord Jesus, to see what you see.  May we respond with Your heart and Your love.  May we, and our children, judge with Your heart only.  One that is compassionate, fair, merciful, but also wise and discerning.

Thank you that you have not left us alone to “figure it all out”.  You are amazing!! May we bless you Lord with how we walk this week out!

In your Name we pray Lord, Amen.


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