Ridiculous Thoughts

Why?….  This seems to be the  question of the day that seems to keep popping into my head…

Why?…. when I try to start a new blog is every imaginable name taken?! ….even 1/2 names and partial words? HUH? Seriously, no one is writing a blog named “on” or are they?

Why?… do people say stupid things when the unexplainable happens?

Why?…. do I have to hold the printer button for like 10 seconds for it to turn off? Can’t I just press the button and get the desired response?!

Why?…. do I keep walking away from projects without finishing them? Like, cleaning the kitchen, doing a report, writing this post…. I have paint cans that have at least made it from the garage to the living room….now to open them!

Why?…. do we have to turn documents face up to copy and face down to fax?

Why?…. does that dog keep following me every time I go to the refrigerator? Just to make me feel bad again????!!! So I just told her, “I’m going to this fridge at least 100 more times today!”  ok, not really….

Why?… am I supposed to have all the answers when my kids are little and accept that I know NOTHING when they’re older? Let’s not evengo there…. How much easier their lives would be if they would just listen to me!

Why?  …..


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