Prayer for School Year

Lord Jesus,

As our children start their school year there is an enormous amount of uncertainty.  What will this year look like? What will it entail for our children? Will they succeed, struggle, fail?  What is failure in their minds.  So often they convince themselves that they have failed when, in truth, they have just stumbled onto something that may not work for them.

As a mother, Lord, it’s difficult.  Because we can’t be with them.  We won’t know their every struggle or even be able to celebrate every victory.  There is a sense of loss for us. A sense that we can’t help.  It’s an instinct you put in us.  And I know you must appreciate how much we love our children on the one hand and then gently urge us to trust you with them on the other.

Ultimately, they are yours.  Not ours.

So, to cling to them, is silly – really.  Idolatry, honestly.

Lord, we ask for help in that area.  That we can know how much to let go this year.  How much to be involved.  Only YOU know that “formula” for each child.  Each child is different.  Each needs to be stretched a little differently, more/less than the others.  Teach us for each child, what the best role for our involvement may be this year Lord.

And, while we are separated from them – we thank you that you are a very personal God.  We thank you that you ask us to cast our cares on you and that you care for us (and our children).  We thank you that you can speak to our children and guide them.  We pray that you would perk their ears to hear your voice and heed your wisdom.  That they would know your ways are not constraining but that you urge them to do what’s right – because it’s the best thing for them.  Help them to know you as a friend, a Daddy, a counselor.  Draw them close to your heart and give them hearts to respond.

Lord, we pray for the hurdles they will face this year.  We pray for strengthening in our children’s character as they face each hurdle.  We pray that you would walk them through each one, and that we can be helpful (not hinderances) to them growing and learning from each one.

There is so much to pray.  May we never take a “day off”.  Friends, teachers, insecurities, success, failure, ego, choices, studies, peer pressure, etc., etc., etc.

We pray for their character first, but also for them to understand the value of education.  We pray that they would respect their teachers and honor their peers.  We pray that they would love to learn so much so that when school is out they would continue learning those things that interest them.

We lift up their teachers and pray for patience, wisdom, guidance as they walk out this year with a variety of personalities and lesson plans.  Strengthen them and encourage them (may we find ways to do this too) so that they can walk in the calling and privilege of educating and encouraging the next generations.

Lord, it’s all too much!  Thank you that you are there with them. May we never forget that you are trustworthy!

Help us to trust you with our children and heed your promptings as we raise them and come alongside them.. knowing how to effectively minister to them..

Thank you Lord, for the privilege of being a parent….and for coming alongside us.

In Your Name we pray Jesus, for Your glory! Amen


One thought on “Prayer for School Year

  1. I love this prayer. It says it all, how we feel from their early years in school through their college years. You have accurately described the emotions and concerns we have on an almost daily basis. I am so glad that you were able to put into words what I experience with my own children and have for so many years! I am going to make this eloquent prayer my daily prayer each morning…. Thanks!!!!

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