It’s Non-Negotiable!


We all have them.

We may not know it.  But we all have them.  Non-negotiables.

With the presidential election coming up we hear a wide array of non-negotiables.  The issues that voters care about more than any other.  The issues that they will vote on regardless of party lines.  Medicare, Healthcare, Abortion, Social Security, Taxes, etc.

Non-negotiables are the areas that we have dug our heals in the sand and take a stand.

There are daily non-negotiables in each of our lives.  Take a minute to think about this:  What are the things that you absolutely must have to have a good day?  Let’s be honest – we each want every relationship to go our way, or to win the lottery, or our boss to praise our every effort….that’s not what I’m talking about.

Those are outside influences.

What about inside influences?  What about those things we CAN control (rather than looking to others for our peace and happiness)?

Our non-negotiables… those things that bring a sense of peace and joy to our hearts are usually simple things like:

  • Taking a period of quiet time, sitting to read, write, pray – can be as little a      few minutes but it may “fill you up”
  • An uncluttered house
  • Exercise
  • A  “to-do” list that we can check off
  • Eating “right
  • A creative outlet


Sometimes if we can’t identify the non-negotiable that will help to make our days more enjoyable we can easily determine those things in our lives that strip the joy.  For instance, for me….a cluttered house makes me feel very unsettled.  If I do a quick pick up around the house – even if it’s picking up a few shoes, clearing the kitchen counters and stacking the papers all on the desk neatly in the office.  I look around the house and I instantly feel better.  That is a non-negotiable for me.

Or, you might feel lousy after eating junk food.  That makes it difficult to have a peaceful or joyful day.

Often we fail to realize that a simple change can bring big results.  A ten minute tidy.  A ten minute quiet time.  Or how about 50 sit-ups (only takes a couple minutes)?

Take the time to think about the non-negotiables for you.  Don’t let the daily grind wear you out.

Dare to be disciplined in this simple ministry to yourself and do what you can do to make it the best day possible!!


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