The power of ….. YOU!

It seems the Presidential election of 2012 has sent many heads spinning….

What about the future?

How can we sustain another 4 years in this direction?

What about the economy? The debt?

The moral indicators?

Really, not much changed between the Monday before the election and Wednesday after (unless you’re an investor in the stock market…)

What changed was “hope”.

When hope dies, life becomes more difficult than ever.


Consider this….

Look around you.

You see:       Your friends.  Your family.  The people you work with.   Have you considered the drivers in the cars around you? The shoppers in the stores? The workers in the gas station you fill up at?

Today…. many of them await a call from the doctor – praying for a good report.

Many are struggling with their relationships with their children, their marriages, their aging parents.

How to parent, how to care for the aging parents, how to repair a broken marriage.

Issues cloud their day.  Problems cloud their hope.

But God.

(A powerful phrase)              But God.           The problems are real, they are painful.

But God…..

I don’t know what God will do in each one of the problems my/your friends and acquaintances and even co-drivers on the highway are suffering.  But I know who He is. I know He is intimate and interested in each and every problem they/we are concerned with.  Including the future of this country.

And I do know that each one of us has the power to give hope.

One of my favorite directives from the Word of God is:

Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today… ( Hebrews 3:13a)


You have an enormous amount of power.  To reach someone who has lost or is losing hope.

You’re obviously a bit technically savvy… so why not:

  • Send a friend or spouse an encouraging text
  • Tell your child something about them that inspires you
  • Text someone that you are praying for them today
  • Post an uplifting status on Facebook
  • Message or email someone you know is struggling with a kind word
  • Pray on a friend’s voicemail (since you know they are at work…) or pray with them….
  • Call a friend for lunch
  • Call a friend to just see how they’re doing….maybe someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Write a note and snail mail it


You have a lot of power.


That’s a fact.


Use it! Bring a spark of hope to someone who needs it.  It returns to you 100 fold!!!

And for those of you who struggle a bit with the thought that YOU have an enormous amount of power….

I challenge you:  Try two of the suggestions on the list above – to encourage someone around you. And let me know if doesn’t lift their spirits and yours too!!!

I would love to know how it goes!

Be blessed…


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