A Unique Position —— Being a Mom

Moms have a unique position…..

There is nothing like a mom.

A young friend just gave birth to her first baby last week.  There’s nothing like being a mom! I remember the anticipation of motherhood.  So exciting and yet so daunting.  I wondered, “How will I ever know how to be a good mom?  How can I embrace the immense responsibility without being overwhelmed?”  I remember the joy of being my son’s mom.  Being the one he reached out, the one he found comfort from when he was hurt.  Being the one who understood what was going on in his head when he faced different situations.  Having a special, intimate, bond that no one could never nudge their way into.  Almost a sacred position….

A dear friend just lost her mother this week.  There’s nothing like our Mom’s. Whether they were the award winning moms or just “Mom”  there is something special about our moms.  They represent a validation of who we are.  We look to them for comfort, approval, encouragement, solace.

Often, as mothers, we forget the unique position we have.

Our little ones frustrate us.  With their whining, crying, complaining, pushing the limits…

Our older ones frustrate us.  With their defiance, challenging us, attitudes….

Often it’s easier to remove ourselves from the situation; to “check out”.  Whether it be by working, puttng them in front of the TV, ignoring the issue – letting it go.

But God has placed you in a unique position as a mother.  A position where your son or daughter looks to you for their validation, for their encouragement.

How do you you encourage them when they are doing the exact opposite of what they need? Sometimes it requires discipline.  But always it requires you expressing your belief in them!
Words like:
“I know you, I believe in you.”
“I know your heart, you have a kind heart.  That couldn’t have made you feel good in the depths of your heart.”

“I know acting like that might feel good for an instant but afterwards leaves you feeling yucky/bad/miserable.  You’re a good person.”

As children grow, I often hear moms say they are nervous about “saying too much.”
But if mom doesn’t speak into their lives… who will?
You have a unique position.  Use it.  With kindness.

Tell them you believe in them.  Don’t point out every thing they do wrong as they grow.  They know.  Never stop telling them that you are praying for them.  Never stop telling them that you see something great in them.  Be specific.  Tell them when you see them being kind and how that is a unique gift.  Encourage them when you see them being unselfish.  Who else is doing this?!  They are never going to not want their mother’s encouragement and kind words.


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