A Tribute to 2012


As I picked up my laptop to write this morning,  I was alerted by the signal that I had a message on Facebook.  Opening Facebook, of course, led to multiple distractions as I read through the New Year’s Day wishes that people had posted…welcoming in 2013!

Scrolling down the page, there were pictures of couples, greetings, stock photos that wished all a Happy New Year, and statuses that wished for more in 2013.  One post that caught my eye was a tribute.  A friend took the opportunity to acknowledge that even though she had seen very difficult times in 2012, she had seem simple every day heroism that inspired her.  The character of her loved ones.  She “tipped her hat” to her husband who lightens the mood and brings her joy in tough times, her daughter who handles difficulty with grace and  has blossomed into an admirable young lady, her niece who courageously single parents her children due to a saddening loss in her life. A simple tribute to those she loves and receives inspiration from.

What a refreshing idea!

Take a moment to think about who you would pay tribute to in 2012?  Who inspired you?

I’ll go first…

As I look back on 2012 I am inspired by so many people.

  •  My mother is the first person that comes to mind.  As she gracefully walks through her days, living alone, stretching herself, expanding her world in a time where lonliness is a constant companion, as she misses my father who has passed on.
  • My husband who, this past year, has been the strength that has held me together through tumultuous times.  He listens to me, makes me laugh and dreams with me.  His work ethic is annoying but incredibly admirable! Daily, I’m blessed by him.
  • Friends that have been by my side.  Listening to me ramble on and on… quite likely telling the same story again and again, praying for me, praying with me… encouraging me.
  • Friends that have gone through difficult times in their families and rather than falling apart, have become stronger and even more inspiring, as they share their hope and their amazing faith in a Lord who walks them through the storms of life.
  • Our sons… who have the character of great men.  I’ve seen times through this last year that amaze me as I watch how they reach out to others in their times of need.  Seeing the needs when others can’t.  I am blessed to be their mother.  Blessed that I have the privilege of watching them become even greater men throughout their lifetimes. There is no greater joy…
  • The neighbor that we met last night, on our walk around the neighborhood, who insisted we join her and her friends for a little New Year’s Eve celebration and graciously made us feel welcome as though we were doing her a favor.

There are every-day heros in each of our lives….

Who would you like to pay tribute to?


2 thoughts on “A Tribute to 2012

  1. Aside from some people in my family, you have been an inspiration throughout my life. I look forward to these blog postings because they provoke me to pause for a momement and reflect upon things that are important. Thank you!

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