Living Well

I had an aha moment today. Usually that would mean that some great epiphany occurred that gave me an excitement for life! But this time it didn’t happen that way. It was an aha moment that brought tears to my eyes. A bit of shame. Or regret. Disappointment. In myself.

I heard it said that it’s a wise idea to look at your life backwards. That perspective helps you to see where your priorities are and it seems to highlight those things that we have made priorities that shouldn’t be.

Think about it. If you were lying in a hospital bed knowing that this was one of your last days – what would you think about your life?

  • Would you be happy with the way you spent your days?
  • Would you be happy with the attitudes you had with and toward the people closest to you?
  • Did you stop to smell the roses and encourage your children to do the same?
  • Did you enjoy smiles and laughter along the way?
  • Would you have regrets?
  • Possibly about things you didn’t make time for?
  • Possibly the way you spent your money?
  • How about the way you took care of yourself..or didn’t take care of yourself?
  • Or the opportunities you let slip away?
  • Did you spend too much time stressed or worried about things that never even happened or were really not that important?
  • Did you possibly give up too much to of yourself and dreams?
  • Did you allow insecurities to stop you?
  • Did you allow fears to stifle you?
  • Did you stop to smell the roses and encourage your children to do the same?

Sometimes we simply just forget to live well.  There is a way to live that will satisfy. We can live in a way that will bring a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when we breathe our last breath.

It is our goal to hear the Lord say, “Well done good and faithful servant”. What about our thoughts about our lives? Can we say we have lived well? Can we say we have fulfilled ‘who’ God planted in our hearts to be?

Sometimes success of others intimidates and constrains us. Let it motivate us!

God’s vision for our lives; the dreams He plants in our hearts is individual. These are priorities. These are the things that make our lives ‘lived well’.

If the Lord plants a dream in your heart, He will walk you through to success and victory. Perk you ears and eyes to hear His guidance and see his path for you.

Live your dream!

Lamentations 3:22-23 says
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

Because He loves you – every day is a new day!

With new opportunities and new dreams. New ways you can touch the world around you.

Live your dream today!!!


2 thoughts on “Living Well

  1. Thanks for the gentle reminder. I often think about all of the stress from my job and I wonder, “Why am I doing this?” Unfortunately, with limited employment opportunities, I am hesitant to say the heck with it! But, there is no reason why I should not step back each day and breathe in all of the beauty around me!

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