Standing in the Gap for You, My Friend

Is it just me? Or did you notice too? Maybe it’s a part of “getting older.”

Doesn’t it seem like an inordinate amount of people are struggling?

As I look around me, my heart is saddened for those who are under pressure trying to make it through. So many of my friends and acquaintances seem burdened. Burdened with real problems.

• Husbands out of work
• Children who are sick
• Parents aging and needing more care (and fighting it)
• Cancer, surgeries
• Addictions
• Marriages faltering (which rocks the entire family)
• Uncertain futures

The list could continue on and fill the page. I’m sure you don’t have to look to far to see similar situations in your loved ones. It’s a crazy time and some families seem to have more than their share of problems, struggles and challenges.

The bible says to “encourage one another as long as it is called Today.”

Thanks to technology, we can do that quite easily and lift someone’s spirits in a matter of a few moments.

Here are some ideas:

• Send a quick text, email, or Facebook message letting them know you are thinking of them, or maybe even write them  a quick prayer, or word of encouragement (you can probably encourage 3-5 people in 10 minutes)

• A phone call

• Make them an easy meal (keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be 3 full courses and desert- they’ll appreciate anything!)

• Drop by a card, flowers, plant or dessert (if you don’t have time to visit just drop it by their front door and call them and tell them you were thinking of them and they have a surprise awaiting! Who wouldn’t love that?!)

• Mail a card (everybody loves a card in the mail)

The old adage, “It’s better to give than to receive,” holds true. Something inside us loves to give to others, brighten their day, and make a difference.

What will you do today? I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Standing in the Gap for You, My Friend

  1. Dear Char,
    Thank you for this posting. Yes, thanks to friends and caring family we are not alone. Thank you for the caring and always available friend that you are as well. You remind us that while we are on this earth we will have difficulties arise. But in addition to having The Lord to lean on, fellowship from others makes all the difference in the world. I know that God puts people together or in each others life with specific reasons. Thank you Lord!
    And thanks again Char for the posting.

    • Thanks Monica for your encouragement. A true friend is an amazing blessing in this world. You are a dear precious friend who has reached out to me and encouraged me and stood in the gap for me…I am so blessed! Passing it on!

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