I was so proud of You!

Dear Son/Daughter,

Last week I saw something in you that blessed my heart – and as I continue to think about it I am so proud of you – and wanted to point it out to you:

Do you remember when you ate that cookie (that you knew you shouldn’t have) and you became really hyper? You were talking a mile a minute and I thought it was cute even though the timing was bad and I couldn’t get your attention…We needed to do schoolwork and it was very difficult. I was trying to teach; you couldn’t stop talking long enough to listen much less concentrate. Then you started acting ugly. You lashed out at your classmate and friend and hurt her feelings again and again. I could tell she was hurt and things were going to get worse if you didn’t stop. So….
I stopped you in your tracks. And forced you to listen to me as I explained that this was the result of eating sugar.

First you get hyper, then you get ugly.
Neither one is what you are naturally.

I explained that the things you were saying to your friend were not things you would normally say – I could tell that you didn’t even really mean them, you were just having a great time talking and it turned ugly. It wasn’t your intention to be hurtful but you couldn’t seem to stop yourself. Meanwhile, you were hurting one of your best friends very badly. As she fought the tears I encouraged her that this wasn’t your heart but just the way you respond and act when you eat sugar.

Then I turned back to you and talked to you about self control. I told you that you were old enough at 11 years old to have self control. And you could be quiet if you couldn’t control those words that were hurting your friend. Then I gave you an example of how a friend’s son would get ugly when he was overtired. As they pointed this out to him, he would realize what he was doing and that he wasn’t acting like he normally would – and before you know it, he was in bed; sleeping it off.

At that point you became very quiet and you wouldn’t talk or even participate in class. When we finished class an hour or so later, I asked you if you were upset or practicing self control. You said you were practicing self control.

If you could have seen my heart it would have beamed like the sunshine I was so proud of you! What a big accomplishment! You went from motor mouth to quiet just so you wouldn’t hurt your friend. That must have been so difficult to fight the urge to talk and talk and talk. You did it!

I am so proud. You are growing up so nicely and this is just one example of how you are maturing and thinking of others and putting them before yourself. Those are the ways that we make our lives fulfilling and meaningful. When we act beyond what may come naturally and do the right thing! I can see God grooming you for the great plan He has for your life and I’m excited to be a part of it!

I’m so proud of your self control and who you are!

It’s fun to watch you grow,



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