Ever had a Flat Tire?

Have you ever had a flat tire? It can be quite a setback!

Where were you going when it happened? Did it make you late for work or a social occasion?  I bet you were in no mood to continue on to your destination, maybe because you were sweaty, dirty, tired…

I recently ran across this saying:

Goal picture

And the simplicity of it struck me.  It’s kind of silly – no one would think to slash the other tires when one goes flat. But, when you had a flat tire – did you feel like sitting on the side of the road and not try to change the tire or get help?  Did you feel like giving up?  Did you give up? What was the deciding factor?

It is quite likely that you didn’t think of giving up.  The thought may have flashed through your mind, but my guess is- it was only fleeting.  There was no choice.  You had to fix the problem.

So what happens when you reach an obstacle in obtaining your goal? When the dream you had doesn’t seem to pan out? When people begin to discourage you (and they will)?

What happens?

Do you react in the same way you would when you get a flat tire? Do you just handle it and get back in the driver’s seat and keep moving towards your destination?

A set back is just a step back to reevaluate. An opportunity to look at things different.  Maybe even see something you didn’t see before.  A change, a chance, a check – to see if you’re serious.

Are you serious?  Nobody wants to walk home when they get a flat tire.  Nor should we stop our progress just because our goal has been challenged.

Remember the lesson of the flat tire.  Call for help.  Change the tire/plan.  Take a minute to catch your breath and evaluate the damage.  Then pick up your tools and get going!!

What happened when you got a flat tire? When you reached a setback? When others tried to discourage you? Share your goal, hurdles, setbacks, your victories.  Let’s use this space to encourage one another! I’d love to hear about it.



Be the best you can be….. Not because anything else is unacceptable,

but because anything else is miserable




2 thoughts on “Ever had a Flat Tire?

  1. The story reminds me of myself as I was going through my dissertation journey; there were so many times I wanted to throw the towel in. I would often ask myself, “Why are you doing this to yourself?”. But, I had to look at things through a different lens and mine was, “If you don’t finish, you will still have student loans and nothing to show for it!”. Sometimes, we need to step back and look at the entire picture before making a rash decision, I am glad I did. Follow your dreams and modify if necessary; as one wise professor once told me, “Keep your eye on the prize and keep it simple!”.

    • Congratulations! It is very challenging to stay focused and push through. Especially with a goal like getting a Ph.D! I the advice to keep it simple is very wise! We tend to complicate so much of life and then don’t “go for it!” Thanks for sharing!

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