Do it Afraid!


So I’ve been wrestling with myself lately… Wrestling with the idea that I’m not exactly where I want to be.  In so many areas – writing, relationships, organization, the list goes on and on – if I’m honest about it.

The obvious next question is – why?

I seem to be hearing the same message everywhere I go – as I read articles, listen to sermons, and talk to people. Even at a concert that my husband and I attended had this message: Fear stops people.

I think God is telling me something! Could it be fear that stops me? Fear of failure, fear of rejection, or worse – a fear that I’m just not good at what I would like to be good at.

That’s it!

I’ve decided to conduct an experiment to conquer the beast! The beast named “FEAR” – by challenging myself to do two things each day that I would not normally do, for lack of courage (that’s the nice way of saying I’m too afraid).

Matshona Dhliwayo said,

Overcoming what frightens you the most strengthens you the most.

And I’m betting what he said is true.  That is the heart of my experiment, and I’ll tell you about it in a minute.  But first…

Let’s make this personal.  What about you? I challenge you to take a minute.  Consider a dream you’d love to have. What is really stopping you?

Is it lack of opportunity?  With the internet and modern conveniences I’d guess that most of us can’t use the excuse that we don’t have opportunity.  So why aren’t we reaching our dreams?

That’s a question you need to answer for yourself.

Yesterday, I started my experiment.  Hardcore.  No excuses.

♥ I will do 2 things a day that require courage. Immense courage ♥

And true to my commitment, yesterday my first big feat of the day was attending my first cancer support group.  As I walked in the building, I texted a friend, admitted my fear and asked her to pray (technically admitting that fear to a friend was conquering the 2nd fear of the day). Panic gripped me as I entered the church and met the first arrivals of the group.  Immediately I engaged in a conversation with a man that I had no interest in talking to (just being honest here), by commenting on his hat which heralded his service in Vietnam.  I thanked him for serving our country and as he shared his experience I was pleasantly surprised and became engrossed in his story.  Though my new veteran friend was in a wheelchair – likely from his POW experience – he shared his story, not as a victim, but as a survivor. I was inspired and in awe as I listened to his stories that displayed his enthusiasm and zeal for life, and I surmised that he must have had cancer if he was at the support group (?).

When the group officially began, I listened to the stories of cancer journeys that others had gone through, or were going through.  One by one as men and women who were affected by cancer shared (patients or caretakers), a tangible compassion and kinship extended from one person to another like a cord that visibly knit their hearts together.  They understood each other’s battles like no one else could.  Emotions and empathy swept over me as I listened to the heartfelt sharing and outpouring of support, realizing the importance of these types of support groups – not for sympathy, but support.

As I left the cancer support group, I reached for my phone and texted my friend, “Just leaving now, Thanks for the prayer.  I lived! A real blessing,” admitting I was better for it.

And so – DAY ONE – Completed!   I can only imagine what 30 days in a row will do! Or 365! I am determined to see.  Wouldn’t it be incredible if I ran out of situations that require courage??! Simply because I am no longer afraid!! I can’t wait to find out!

Each day holds new opportunities and unique; not one day is completely like another. Why not join me and work on stretching through some uncomfortable situations to reach for your dreams?


This post is linked with love to an amazing blog: Crystal Twaddell

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