What breaks your heart?

What breaks your heart is (1)I’m wondering… what breaks your heart?

Is it a homeless person holding a sign on the side of the road?

The abuse of a child?

Hungry Americans?

Illiterate children?

The Underprivileged?



What breaks YOUR heart?  Take a deep breath and think for a minute.  Just one minute.  Listen.  Go ahead….

Was there a whispering in your heart as you sat quietly listening to your thoughts?  Did it surprise you?

Were you more than a little surprised by what DIDN’T break your heart?  Honestly, I was.

Astoundingly, God made each one of us unique and what touches or moves you may not affect me.  That’s the exciting part of this exercise.  There’s no right or wrong answer. I love those types of tests!

Each of us has an overwhelming desire to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled. However too many of us look in the wrong places.  When you discover what you were made to do, life seems to fall into place.  And understanding the passions that stir inside you is a great place to start when searching for your life’s satisfaction.  Once you understand what your passion is you can set your sights on a goal that will lead to that sense of satisfaction and joy we long for.

So, what breaks your heart?

Is it the thought of Americans going to bed hungry? Perhaps your passion is caring for the homeless. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go and begin a feeding program or build a house for homeless veterans.  To get started, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or handing out food to the homeless you come across as you drive.  My husband and I keep granola bars and waters in our car to hand out to men and women in need on the side of the road.  Seeing them light up when we offer a bottle of fresh water is enough encouragement to keep on.

I love to work with difficult students whose self-esteem has suffered because they don’t fit into a box.  It’s exciting to teach them and show them that they are valuable, smart and capable.  When I can help to rebuild a child’s confidence, or show a student that they are smarter than they think, I feel like my life has meaning and purpose.  It makes my day!

Often we are overwhelmed by our paDon't stress out. Breathessions and we want to save the world.  In an overwhelmed state it is easy to become paralyzed not knowing where to start.   Start with a small step.  Just sharing a bottle of water or reading to a child can be that small change that makes a big difference.

A small change can make a big difference.  Don’t discount a small deed!


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